Everything you expect from a chat application

Debunking some XMPP myths

XMPP has come a long way in the last few years and is catching up with more recent commercial offerings. Some of the most common grievances against XMPP have been solved through extensions to the protocol called XEPs. Unfortunately, most clients do not support the most recent updates. Kaiwa implements them to offer you the same experience you got accustomed to using closed systems.

A complete package to setup your own private chat system

We provide Docker images to deploy all the needed services in a matter of minutes. Use our online deployment tool to setup a DigitalOcean droplet or follow the instructions in the README to install it on your own server.

Prosody Compatible with the latest XMPP specs and backed by PostgreSQL.
LDAP Manage users through LDAP which is compatible with many other services
Kaiwa Our beautiful web client for XMPP. Works best with Prosody.

Each Docker image is customizable and you can replace any component by your own. For example, it's trivial to use your already installed OpenLDAP and/or PostgreSQL instances.

Recommended non-web XMPP clients

Using our setup, you'll get a well-tuned and up-to-date Prosody instance implementing the latest XMPP specs. Not all clients have implemented them so we made a selection for you: